Komodo Flores Tour

It's an amazing experience to see Komodo Dragons in the wild in their natural habitat. Mostly they can be founded at Komodo island and also Rinca island. Komodo Island is more popular than Rinca island, beside the dragon in Komodo Island is much more bigger than in Rinca island. But in Rinca, you have  better possibility to see them. Rinca is closer from Labuan Bajo (around 2 hours ) compared to Komodo Island (around 4 hours boating).

We also can modify this trip, if you want to skip some places or add it with another place just please let us know and we can revise the program.

Komodo Tour -  100% Customized

3 Days Komodo  Diving  &Tour

4 Days Komodo Diving & Island Tour ( 2 dives x 1 day = 2 dives )

5 Days Komodo Divng & Tour( 2 dives x 2 days = 4 dives )

6 Days Dive Safari  & Tour ( 2 dives x 4 days = 8 dives )

3 Days Dive & Rinca

Note: Diving program will joining with other divers.

Komodo Flores Tour - 100% Customized

If you would like to experience Komodo Flores, you can start the  trip from Labuan bajo Airport or Maumere Airport ( The price is same ). BUT we suggest to start Flores Komodo trip from Maumere where firstly you will experience the adventure, local culture and magnificent landscape.  And finally ended in Labuan Bajo for exploring Komodo Islands and relaxing while boating trip and great experience of snorkeling at world class spot.

Combination Tour

Resorts in Komodo Island

Komodo Resort Sebayur | Seraya Hotel & Resort

Kanawa Island Bungalow | Angel Island Resort

Hotel in Labuan Bajo

Plataran Beach Resort |  The Jayakarta Suite

Bintang Flores | Puri Sari | La Prima | Luwansa

Choose type of boat that suit your needs, then we will quote according to your preferences and accommodation during Labuan Bajo Tour.  

Please RESERVE and CONFIRM  in ADVANCE to ensure that you get the preferable boat. Due the boat for each option  is  limited. 

Standard Boat with AC

Budi Utama | Bintang Laut  | La Tanza | Surya Agung
Cahaya Nikmat | Fabrasenga | Alam Kita 

Standard Boat with Fan

Surya Indah | Satria Laut | Ade Putra | Alam Baru

Semi Deluxe Boat 

Ayla | Apik Pinisi