Labuan Bajo 
A Gateway to visit Komodo Island

Labuan Bajo General Info

As Komodo national park is gained more and more international fame, Labuan Bajo – the main gateway to Komodo National park and one of the starting points for Flores inland tour  – is getting busier and busier. Located in the western end of the island of Flores, this capital regency of West Manggarai is a fast growing town. Once known as a small fishing town, now turns to centre of tourism in Flores with growing number of good hotels and restaurants.

As much as we love the fact that Labuan Bajo is blessed with stunning sunset view, there are not much things to see in and around the town if you want to take a day off on your adventure. But still, this small town is well worth an exploration.

We name Batu Cermin or Mirror Cave as a must-visit place in Labuan Bajo. It’s located at the east part of the town, about  15 minutes driving away from the down town. From parking lot to the first entrance offers a beautiful bamboo forest walks. Then inside the cave, the sun ray comes in though a hole at the end of the tunnel, bounces on the stone walls that again reflect small lights to other areas inside the cave like a mirror.   

The down town, Jl. Soekarno Hatta, can be easily explored by walking distance. Dive centre, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants are lined along the street.

And the port, besides its use as the jump-off point for exploring Komodo national Park and transit point for Ferry coming from other islands of Indonesia is the central economy of the locals.

A wet market, located in between small port and big port, starts the business early in the morning. Then during the day there are lots of tourists and locals embark and disembark of the boats.     

At night, the street line of port area will turn to seafood stall, also called Kampung Ujung by the locals, a popular spot for both locals and tourists.      

Accommodation in Labuan Bajo

There are plenty of choices of accommodation in  and around the town you can choose from. From low budget guest house to expensive resort styled lodgings. Indeed Labuan Bajo owns the best accommodation on Flores mainland.  Along the street line of Jl. Pantai Pede is where you will find beach-side hotels that own many rooms. Such as La Prima Hotel, Bintang Flores Hotel, Jayakarta hotel, etc.  

Taxi meter in Labuan Bajo

Please bear in your mind, there is no where to find any taxi meter in Labuan Bajo. Yes. To get around, you can use Bemos, private car taxi – with negotiable price, or Indonesian style motorbike taxi.    

How to Get Labuan Bajo

Komodo airport hosts domestic daily flight from and to Bali within 1.25 minutes flight. Indonesia’s most reliable airplane Garuda Airlines serve 4 return flight in a day --- 3 from Bali and 1 from Jakarta. 

Facilities in Labuan Bajo :

  • Hospital

There is a private international hospital in Labuan Bajo with facilities emergency room 24 hours, medical specialist, ICU, operating rooms, ambulance, and others. There also a government  hospital serves standard medical treatment for both local people and tourist in Labuan Bajo.

  • ATM

ATM can be easily found at down town. Local Bank such as BNI, Mandiri has international access ATM. But please be aware that there is a limit for cash money withdrawal in those ATM per day per card. It’s better to check it beforehand. Money changers are also available

  • Pharmacy (Drug Store)

There are 13 pharmacy operate in Labuan Bajo.

  • Dive Shop

There are several dive shops operate in Labuan Bajo.

  • Mini market

There are several supermarkets in Labuan Bajo. They sell daily needs and local product like Flores coffee.

  • Fish market

You can shopping for fresh seafood in early morning. There is also a long line of food stalls that serve all kinds of fish and other seafood.

  • Restaurant

Plenty of restaurants or cafes nearby Labuan Bajo beach that offer fish as their best menus. You can enjoy your meal as you sit and watch the sunset.