• Strong current can be hazardous, not only to novice divers but also to experience one. Currents can be physically demanding, accelerate the amount of air you use as you swim away, against it, or drift. 

  • Komodo Island, also called Loh Liang, is the biggest island in Komodo National park, the most popular and most visited.   Upon your arrival on the island, a well-trained naturalist guide will brief you the characteristic Komodo and the safety procedure.


    You will be offered 3 trekking routes which you can choose based on your fitness level.    


    Short Trek
    Duration: 1 hour
    Difficulty: Easy
    Terrain & Sights: Dry forests, Komodo Dragons, simple slopes, view of the ocean from Regatta Hill

  • Rangers play important roles in Komodo National Park area. The first role is as security guard both for local people and tourists. They monitor and guarantee the safety of tourists as well as local people from criminals and komodo attacks. They also protect Komodo existence from ......