Komodo Island Tour

Boating Komodo Island : 

Choose your preferred boat types and accommodation during Labuan Bajo / Flores Tour.  Our itineraries are flexible. You can browse through the main Komodo Tour itineraries but we also offer the option to create your own itinerary.  Get your personalised itinerary within 24 hours, except on holiday !

Due to the popularity of our Komodo Tour and limited boat available for this trip, the earliest booking in advance is highly recommended so you will not have to be worry that you will not get the boat especially during the high season period.

Komodo Travel Advice : 

During the normal season, our standard  Komodo Tour program,  will take you to both Rinca and Komodo Island and other top snorkeling spots. But during the high rainfall season  specially on February, we  only take you to Rinca Island which closer from Labuan Bajo, due to the STRONG CURRENT and big wave in this region. The Best time to visit Komodo Island is on Mei to September.

Make sure that you bring along insect repellent , anti nausea. Bring along also sunblock lotions, a hat, and sun glasses, as it can be very hot here during the dry season, trekking shoes, sandals, swim suits. Snorkelling gear available on boat.

Airline Luggage Allowance :

For travelling to Komodo Flores  from Bali, we highly understand that the airlines luggage allowance is very small (10Kg per person). Afraid having overweight baggage? Don’t be. You can simply inform us that you will leave some luggage, then we are more than happy to store your luggage safely in our Bali Office. We will bring back your luggage to airport on your return to Bali from your Komodo Trip.