Komodo Trekking Routes

Komodo Island, also called Loh Liang, is the biggest island in Komodo National park, the most popular and most visited.   

Upon your arrival on the island, a well-trained naturalist guide will brief you the characteristic Komodo and the safety procedure.

You will be offered 3 trekking routes which you can choose based on your fitness level.    

Short Trek
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain & Sights: Dry forests, Komodo Dragons, simple slopes, view of the ocean from Regatta Hill

Medium Trek
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Difficulty: Intermediate
Terrain & Sights: Dry forests, hot conditions, short climbs and steep descents. Waterhole with Komodo Dragons and other species on the island (Timor Deer, Wild Boar, etc).

Long Trek
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Difficulty: Challenging (this trek is for the visitors in good physical condition)
Terrain & Sights: Higher altitudes, stiff climbs, hot conditions, rugged terrains.